The doors of the cantina are always open

Imagine entering the courtyard of a red farmhouse redolent with scents of the past. Imagine the people who lived here in these places, interwoven stories of nobility and peasants. Imagine a silent place whose only voice is the wines and whose rhythm is the bells. All of this in the still nature of the Berici Hills.
The essence of hospitality is enclosed in this courtyard. Preferably over a glass of wine. Because the lot of the families who have succeeded here has always been to make wine. And they make it with the ease of those who have seen it done for their whole lives and who believe that this is the way life should be.
The doors of the cantina are always open. Locals have always come by to buy wine, but also just to chat with whoever is producing it. It wouldn’t be strange to encounter people from far, far away who have left everything to come to Toara, in this timeless place.
Where lives and history tell the same story.