The Piovene Porto Godi family produces wine and oil in Toara, one of the most suitable areas of the Berici Hills. As always, the choice falls on the local grapes, like the Tai Rosso; while in bottling, the respect for time is the secret to obtaining high quality wines. This family-run agricultural business also offers hospitality. Those looking for the experience of living in a country home surrounded by the Vicenza hills can stay in the old mill or the dovecote of the house.

The family

An indigenous family of winemakers and a wealth of knowledge generated over decades of working in the vineyards. A passage from father to son that has also involved the people who work with the Piovene family: in fact, today the children and grandchildren of those same employees have inherited the work in the cantina and in caring for the vines.

The wines

There are places that are able to transmit more sensations than others. Such as Toara, which means “good earth”, where the Piovene Porto Godi wines are grown. 220 hectares of land, 28 hectares of family-owned vineyard. Our position is perfect. We are in the heart of the DOC region (an area of wines of registered-designation-of-origin), sheltered in a natural amphitheatre in the southern part of the Berici Hills.

The Tai Rosso

The Tai Rosso is the variety of grape indigenous to the Berici Hills. In these locales it is widely considered a light wine. Tomaso Piovene had the idea for creating the first long-term aged product using the Tai Rosso grapes. What a revelation! Over time the wine demonstrates its full identity.

The Berici Hills

Silent hills, between the cities of Vicenza and Padua. The sensation that you feel living in these places is truly unique. From here you can choose to follow an itinerary on foot, by bicycle or at a donkey’s pace. There are many trails through the woods, marvellous in both the spring and in the autumn.