One family, one place, one wine

Every story has a beginning. For the wines of the Alessandro Piovene Porto Godi House, memory runs so far back in time that it needs a witness: a map from 1584. Here you can see the mark of what is today the family-run farm, in a map of the house surrounded by a courtyard. All around it are grape vines and fruit trees, as recounted by a document from those same years.
Back then the owner was Flavio Barbarano, and the property comes down through direct descent to today’s current owners. Over the years only his surname has died out, making room first for Counts and then for the actual Piovene Porto Godi. Alessandro, who gives the company its name, is the father of Mariantonio and Tomaso, the current owners, along with their children, Emanuele, Alessandra, Giovanni, Filippo, and Chiara.
An indigenous family of winemakers and a wealth of knowledge generated over decades of work in the vineyards. A passage from father to son that has also involved the people who work with the Piovene family: in fact, today the children and grandchildren of those same employees have inherited the work in the cantina and in caring for the vines.
One family’s wine, but also one town’s wine. Even today, the people of the area still choose the cantina’s cask wine, just as it was traditionally sold years ago. Traditions that haven’t been lost but are accompanied today by important bottled wines.
Today Piovene Porto Godi is a reference point for those seeking high quality wines.
As testified by the numerous prizes and awards they have received.