Date: 9 January 2013

Author: Piovene


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Big satisfactions

Let wine mainly because that’s what we love to do. Then came the awards and share them with you.
Our Merlot Berici Doc “Among the Broli” took second place in the tenth edition of “Italian Merlot.” The competition, organized by the Municipality of Aldershot (TN) and placed in the exhibition “World Merlot” rewards the best wines in the center between samples from all over Italy. Our wine was awarded in the section reserved for the years 2011 and 2010, won by Merlot “Mantus” 2010 company Matè di Montalcino. And then there’s the Slow Wine Guide, one of Slow Food. A different point of view, which leaves ample space for people and the vines with the philosophy of “good, clean and fair.” Here our Tai Rosso Riveselle was marked with the blue color to indicate a bottle from the excellent relationship between quality and price (up to 10 € in wine).

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