A pressing from the Berici Hills

This extra virgin olive oil is the product of century-old olive trees. The olives are gathered completely by hand, cold pressed by mechanical means and peremptorily within 48 hours of the harvest. The flavour is typical for this area: delicate and fruity, slightly bitter.

There are two oil products: Delfo and Laudo. Both are extra virgin olive oils, Delfo is also of Protected Origin. It is a blend, the varieties present are: Rasara 40%, Frantoio 20%, Leccino 20% and a 20% mix of early varieties. A harmonious and well-structured product that is characterized by aromas of wild herbs, thistle and almonds and for the flavour of mature olives and almonds that give a sensation of bitterness and persistent spiciness.

The oil from the Piovene Porto Godi family-owned farm is particularly suited for using straight from the bottle on grilled meats, on black truffle risotto, on hot polenta served with Baccalà alla Vicentina at the end of cooking, on Fiolaro di Creazzo Broccoli or on Radicchio di Asigliano, but also on soup and la Panà Vicentina (a soup of stale bread and chicken broth).