Silent hills. By bicycle, on foot, at a donkey’s pace

We are located in the southernmost part of the Berici Hills, between Vicenza and Padua. The sensation that we feel living in these places is truly unique. Toara has a special fascination, a small town surrounded by greenery, with trees that trace the outlines of the hills against the sunset. And all around a silence and tranquillity that never leaves those who venture into these splendid areas.

From here you can choose to follow an itinerary on foot, by bicycle or at a donkey’s pace; travelling through the hills, between the rows of grape vines and century-old olives and mulberry trees. There are many trails through the woods, marvellous in both the spring and in the autumn. And don’t miss a visit to the Grotte di San Donato (the San Donato Caves) or a walk through the Valle dei Mulini a Mossano (Mossano’s Valley of the Mills). But also the Villa Fracanzan Piovene in Orgiano, built by Muttoni, with its famous kitchen that Napoleone wanted to carry back to the Louvre. Here we find an interesting museum about the life of peasants.

It almost seems impossible that we could be so close to Padua and Venice, but it only takes a short while to get to either city. The same goes for the splendid villages of Montagnana, Este or Arquà Petrarca